Performing Arts classes aren’t just for those destined for the West End. They can help with social skills, confidence, posture, public speaking, imagination and creativity for everyone. We hope you come and try a class for yourself but to help you make that big decision here’s some information you should find useful.

How We Teach

Our ethos is to run professional yet fun classes.  We treat everyone equally and as if they are young actors.  We expect discipline and a positive attitude from everyone.  We expect everyone to be polite and courteous to staff, teachers and each other.  We will not tolerate disruptive behaviour of any kind.  We operate a 3 strikes and you’re out rule.

Students need to arrive promptly for class so everyone attends the warm up at the start of each class in order to avoid injuries.  If you are more than 10 minutes late you will need to warm up before coming into class.



The uniform for all classes is the Talent Shack t-shirt and sweater (when chilly). Musical Theatre students to wear black legging/joggers/dance pants and black jazz shoes or similar.   Drama and Acting students should also wear bottoms they can move in easily. Jeans shouldn’t be worn to any of our classes due to their restriction of movement.

T-shirts (£10) and sweaters (£20) are available to buy at the Shack


All returning students fees are payable in advance of the first day of term or on the first day of each half term.

Siblings attending the same class will receive a 20% discount.  The first child pays the full fee then any siblings of that child receive a 20% discount.  If you have children attending different classes please talk to us about any discount options.

Those that do both AM and PM Musical Theatre Juniors receive a 20% discount

Payment is by bank transfer, cash or cheque by the half term.  Full details available at the desk in the Shack



All new starters are invited to try the class before committing to a term.  Tasters are available on the first 2 days of term and then the terms full fees become due on the 3rd week of term.  If you choose not to do the term there is nothing to pay, if you wish to join us then the full terms fees become due.

What To Expect

Expect to work hard, make friends and have fun.  Our teachers expect commitment and drive.  You don’t need to be experienced, that’s what the training is for.  Everyones got to start somewhere!  So come prepared to learn but not worried that you don’t know anything, or anyone.  We’re a super friendly bunch and love meeting new people.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay for a cuppa and a chat in our sofa area while the child settles in but your child will flourish when you leave them to it, promise!

What Parents Think

We love hearing what you think about our business.  We can only improve with feedback and good communication.  If somethings not right, tell us quietly and we will deal with it swiftly. If somethings going well please tell us and we will share it here!

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