Nick Morrison


Nick is an Agent for Shelley Norton Management, concentrating on commercials, corporate video and voice over. Nick is also focusing on increasing the agencies’ theatre connections across the whole of the UK.

Nick has a vast array of experience in all corners of the industry. He trained as an Actor, completing his Masters degree at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2012. However, since then he has found his way into many other avenues of theatre and film production, including working as an animatronics operator for the BBC, and spending 2 years as the resident videographer at Baltimore Center Stage in the USA. He has worked for many other theatre companies as a script consultant, voice coach and even choreographed stage combat!

Nick is passionate about film and theatre. He’s a huge fan of the work of Christopher Nolan and Alejandro Inarritu. He is also very keen on what he calls ‘quiet horror’ movies. Let the Right One In, The Orphanage, and The Witch are some of his favourites!

When he isn’t in the office at the Talent Shack, Nick can probably be found playing his favourite video games. He enjoys single-player story driven experiences, so DO NOT ask him if he plays any online multiplayer games. He will politely explain that that is not what he plays games for, and will silently judge you forever.

Nick will never say no to a cup of tea if there’s one going.

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