Covid Safety Procedures

• Parents drop off in carpark outside shack. No adults apart from staff are allowed in the Shack

• Please arrive on time, and no more than 5 minutes before class start time, not too early as we won’t be able to let you in until we have finished cleaning

• Shelley and the teachers will wear masks when greeting children in the foyer but once in class and distance can be ensured no masks will be worn

• We recommend everyone wears a mask on arrival and masks can be taken off once in the chair circle

• Please socially distance outside if you get out of your car in the carpark

• Sanitize hands at the table outside under the red gazebo which will be set up in front of the roller doors

• Try not to touch surfaces if you can avoid it.

• Do not bring devices, or any personal belongings. Medication such as asthma pumps or epi pens are permitted but must be kept in your bag (see next point)

• A bottle of water and a snack (or packed lunch for summer schools) can be brought in a plastic bag and the bag brought into the space and put under your designated chair.

• Your mask can be put in your plastic bag until the end of the class and put on again to leave

• On arrival each child will walk into the space one at a time and sit in the circle of chairs set up in the seating space

• If weather permits we can go outside for certain games and tasks

• If you need to use the toilet that’s fine, you just need to sanitize your hands at the desk in the foyer afterwards.

• In between classes Shelley and the teachers will wipe down the plastic chairs, all surfaces, all handles and the toilet with antibacterial wipes

• All teachers have prepared their classes to be social distanced

• Under 11’s no longer need to social distance but we will continue to encourage personal space and no physical contact.

• At the end of class each child will be escorted to the front door. Parents to wait by their car and we will send your child out to you.

• Children to wear clean clothes to each session

• If a child becomes ill during a session we will sit them in the side room and make sure they are comfortable and call the number on their booking form so they can be picked up

This is a working document and we will revise the information in it every week and circulate any changes as they are made.

Shelley Norton Management | Covid Safety Procedures