Milena Zenati-Parsons

I derive from the Welsh Italian Job background without experience in Porridge!

I started out from Up In The Air as Cabin Crew for British Airways although I was The Aviator for a little bit as I learnt how to fly a light aircraft. I was medically retired thus embbarked on being Legally Blonde studying for law degree objecting to being in and out of hospital however graduated with a qualifying law degree.

I write, research and I also offer my services in disability consultancy in relation to accessibility and other areas. In these Stranger Times I also help people with their PIP/ESA in my own community along with any other difficulties experienced.

I am married with two boys who also love acting and are into various sports. (Frequently found on top of mountains for Rugby in my wheelchair although I do not partake in the wheelchair version of Murderball). I have experienced no difficulties so far being on any TV or Film Set.

My family are part of Sherman 5 Theatre project enabling families such as ourselves to go to the theatre, get involved, see productions we would not be able to see due to cost and accessibility.

Once Upon A Time I was part of organising a non-profit charity Caerphilly Comic Con in 2017 in aid of our local Children’s Centre which was fun and successful.

It Suits me to apply my life experiences, my law degree, the people I have met, continue to meet, the places visited into acting and into the stories with which I am writing. I have achieved the most important of my two of Sense 8, Empowerment and Liberation in recent years which has been furthered fostered in an enormous way by my family, my agents, teachers and actors who are sharing their knowledge, teaching us skills and preparing us as much as we can for future projects with the determination we all have where Someone In The Crowd will have the opportunity in the City of Stars to have an audition resulting in a role.

I live by the mottos of 5 minutes of wonderful rather than a lifetime of nothing and videre bene, amare molto, ridere spesso e mangia italiano – Live lots, Love lots, Laugh lots and Eat Italian.

It really can be La Dolce Vita….

Fun Fact –  I was the BBC Sherlock Holmes Live! Twitter winner.

On ProFile as part of National Theatre – Wheelchair User

Empowered and Liberated

Milena Zenati-Parsons - Shelley Norton Management