Jenna Preece

Jenna Joined Disability Arts Cymru in 2014 and started her training and career as a youth research committee member, travelling to Norway to gather research to create a National youth festival of Wales. Following this research RAWFEST has now been created and running in wales successfully.
Volunteering for the award winning company Taking Flight has given Jenna a wide range of training and experience. Helping out in the office, fundraising and facilitating workshops throughout wales has given Jenna child safe guarding, first aid and mental health first aid, clowning and forum theatre.

Jenna is a children tv presenter on the channel S4C for the show Llond ceg in the medium of Welsh, who were runners up for a Childrens BAFTA Award. She have also appeared on Disabled Dare Devils and has recently recorded a tv show for BBC and S4C. Jenna was featured in a short film by Rodd Gilbutts Production, Neck Face.
Touring credits include performing award winning shows with Taking Flight, a Shakespeare production and The Real Human Being tour written by Award winning Writer Matthew Bulgo twice; firstly as the under study then returning to play the lead role. Touring schools across Wales looking at Disability Hate Crimes the comany won a Diversity Award and a Life Changing Award. This has secured her role as an associate actor for Taking Flight.

Jenna currently runs her own inclusive youth theatre by the name of Theatre Teulu where she teaches young adults with learning difficulties/disabilities. The outcome and aim of the company is to develop an equal and comfortable social environment where the individual and express themselves creatively while gaining new skills like, team work/individual work, following and giving direction, higher concentration levels, multiple tasking and many more.

Jenna Preece - Shelley Norton Management