Arran Fear

Arran is a highly resourceful, innovative and inquisitive person, always looking to expand my knowledge around the arts. He is a greatly passionate individual, who enjoys a creative challenge.

Arran has worked as a professional actor over the past 4 years in TV, film and theatre. As part of his Drama degree with University of Exeter,  Arran crafted a project of excellent quality to a public audience which received high praise from other professionals.

Arran has been part of several theatre and film/TV productions. Credits include M.Gustav in The Grand Budapest Hotel with Snowcat Cinema; The King in Escape Reality – The Iron Kingdom
Film credits include Slow Goings and The Corpse Series with State of Flow.

Arran was approached by Realm Pictures, an interactive cinematic storytelling company, to test a few ideas that they were developing. He would play the scenario and give them feedback.

As part of a university project Arran and a few other students formed a theatre company, See No Evil. They created an interactive horror performance for the public. Additionally, they invited local professionals in order to receive feedback.
Arran was involved to a great extent, in developing the narratives, game design, sound editing, as well as performing.
Escape the room company, Red House Mysteries response was particularly encouraging, they enjoyed the immersive element of the piece, which made them feel part of the story.

Arran Fear - Shelley Norton Management