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Minis spend half the class learning dance technique and half the class is split with singing and drama.  Musical Theatre is taught with a theme each term.

Minis are split according to age, 3-4’s and 5-6’s with half working on dance and half working on singing and drama.  After a 40 minute session they break for snack time and then swap over so everyone works on all 3 disciplines each week. Each term is themed and Spring 2019 is Animals, working on scenes and numbers from Seussical and Just So! The Minis will perform a show in the Summer and parents will be invited in to watch classes during the Spring term.


Saturday 9:30am – 11:00am

Dates and Fees:
£8 an hour/£12 a week
Summer 1 – April 27 – May 25 / 5 weeks (£60)
Summer 2 – June 1 – July 13 / 7 weeks (£84)
Autumn 1 – Sept 14 – Oct 26 / 7 weeks (£84)
Autumn 2 – Nov 2 – Dec 14 / 7 weeks (£84)

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Saturday 9:30am-11:00am

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