Performing Arts classes aren’t just for those destined for the West End. They can help with social skills, confidence, posture, public speaking, imagination and creativity for everyone. We hope you come and try a class for yourself but to help you make that big decision here’s some information you should find useful.

More About Our Classes

Autumn 2018 start back dates!!


Classes start back Saturday September 8th with
9.30-11am Mini Musical Theatre for 3-6’s
11-2pm Musical Theatre Juniors for 7-14’s

Bugsy Malone rehearsals are 2.30-5.30pm

Sunday (from Sept 9th):
10-11.30am Young Filmmakers Club for 7-14’s
5pm-8pm Musical Theatre Seniors for 14+

Monday (from Sept 10th):

5-6pm Acrobatics (beginners)

6-7pm Acrobatics (intermediate)

7.30-9pm Acting (LAMDA)

Tuesday (from Sept 11th)

5-6.30pm Acting (LAMDA)

6.30-8.30pm Talent Shack Theatre Company

Wednesday (from Sept 12th):
5-6pm Drama for 5-9’s

Thursday (from Sept 13th):
5-6.30pm Acting (LAMDA)
6.30-8.30pm Talent Shack Theatre Company for over 16’s

We provide training that will enable performers and non performers of any age to be the best they can be.  Whether thats in acting, singing or dancing or getting ready for the profession.  The timetable has been put together to address the needs of every age group, from 3 to adult.  Each class has its own character and style but all classes develop individual skill and encourage team work and collaboration.

We are always open to ideas and welcome feedback, its the only way to grow and improve.  If theres a masterclass you’d love to see on our timetable or a particular skill you’d like to work on, talk to us, we’d love to hear from you!

Taster Sessions

New students are welcome to try classes for 2 weeks before committing to a term. Join the class using the contact form on the Book Now page and don't pay anything until you are ready to commit.


All fees are payable in advance before the first day of term unless you are doing your very first class with us, in that case wait until you've tried the class!
Payment via bank transfer is preferable. Alternatively you can pay by cash at The Talent Shack. See Book Now page for further details or speak to us at the Shack.

Payment Plans

We are happy for you to pay in 2 instalments by bank transfer in cash in class. Ideally 1st at start of term and 2nd payment half way through term.

How We Teach

Our ethos is to run professional yet fun classes.  We treat everyone equally and as if they are young actors.  We expect discipline and a positive attitude from everyone.

Students need to arrive promptly for all classes and ideally 10 minutes before the start of class.  We give a full warm up at the start of every class to avoid injuries.  If you are more than 10 minutes late you will need to warm up before coming into class.  If lateness is a regular issue we will need to discuss this with you.

We expect everyone to be polite and courteous to staff, teachers and each other.  We will not tolerate disruptive behaviour of any kind.


Students need to wear the Talent Shack tee and leggings/dance pants/joggers to class every week.  Black jazz shoes or similar soft shoe for all classes.  Tap shoes for those attending Dance.

Uniform is available from The Talent Shack on Saturdays or during the week 10-6pm.

Tees £10

Hoodies £20

If you take part in any of our flash mobs or concerts you will need a hoodie.


Sibling Discounts

We offer 20% discount for siblings.  The first child pays the full fee then any siblings of that child receive a 20% discount.  If they attend different classes then the discount applies to the class that costs less.  Please deduct 20% as necessary when paying or speak to Shelley or Nicola at the Shack who will be able to help you.

Musical Theatre All Day Discounts

If you attend Musical Theatre School AND Shelley Norton Productions and therefore do the full day of training on Saturdays you can receive our special discount.  Spring term 2018 is just £350.  This is for the spring term of Musical Theatre School PLUS the full production period of Addams Family.  The discount doesn’t include the £50 toward show costs for the Production Group.  Complete the booking form for your class and you can pay by bank transfer or cash.


The cost of each class can be found on the Classes page or contact us for our Fees document at hello@shelleynorton.co.uk

What To Expect

Expect to work hard, make friends and have fun.  Our teachers expect commitment and drive.  You don’t need to be experienced, thats what the training is for.  Everyones got to start somewhere! So come prepared to learn but not worried that you don’t know anything, or anyone.  We’re a super friendly bunch and love meeting new people.

Parents can stay for a cuppa and a chat.  We’ve got a social waiting area and a well stocked kitchen!

What Parents Think

We love hearing what you think about our business.  We can only improve with feedback and good communication.  If somethings not right, tell us quietly and we will deal with it swiftly. If somethings going well please tell us and we will share it here!

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